Who is this Squeak person anyway?

Well my real name is Jason. My nickname Squeaky was given to me by one of my friend's mother.

I don't get the nickname.

If you talk to me you would understand

Well why is your voice like that

As far as I know that's just the way it is and that's the way it's going to stay

Doesn't it bother you?

Not really. It's something I've lived with my whole life. If it bothered me I would probably already be dead or at least stuck in some institution

Good Point. Well with that aside, what do you do for employment?

I got a job with a great company named Verio about a year ago. I work in there Boca Raton web hosting facility as a Network Control Center Technician. It is rather easy work, too easy in fact. I am just biding my time waiting for the hiring freeze to expire so I can try to get a job in systems administration as a UNIX Systems Administrator :)

Are you still in school?

Not at the moment. Though I do plan on going back eventually. For the mean time I am working on some of my certifications, including CCNA, CCNP, and maybe even my MCSE. I will probably go back to school when I decide on a major. Its going to have at least something to do with computers.

Oh ... so you are a computer geek, I bet you look like a geek too.

Actually you would be surprised that the majority of computer geeks are quite attractive. I stand about 5'11" tall and weigh roughly 200 lbs. I have long, curly, dirty blond hair that comes down to the middle of my back. I have a goatee (which really needs a trimming) and I wear glasses (looking at a computer screen 8-12 hours a day really does a number on your vision).

Wow, you sound pretty hot. But I bet you listen to horrible music.

Once again I must prove you wrong. My musical tastes vary quite a bit. I listen to just about anything as long as it doesn't suck. I like Tori Amos, Metallica, Korn, Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, They Might Be Giants, DMX, Old Dirty Bastard, NIN, among many others. There is very little music that I won't listen to. So I got you beat on that one.

Alright, well maybe you have a good taste in music, but I bet you are a boring person!

Some might argue that, though when the mood strikes me I can be quite a fun person. If I am in the mood I'll invite some friends over, get a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix and fire up the blender and have a kick ass night. And if I am in a REALLY odd mood, I will make an appearance at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you have not ever been then you MUST experience in person. When I show up, I usually end up getting talked into playing on cast (yeah I am that DAMN good). Usually I will either play Rocky or Brad Majors (ASSHOLE!!!)

Well maybe you are pretty hot .... how would I go about getting a date with you?

Well ... you wouldn't. I am currently married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Her name is Tanya and she now has her own web site up here (Click Here) She is my life and I love her dearly. We recently got married On June 16th, 2001. Sorry I had to disappoint all you ladies out there :)

I guess that's about it. Anything you would like to add?

Since most of the people reading this page are people that already know me, you must now think that I am more crazy that you previously thought I was before (well it makes sense to me). Well click here to return to the main index